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==Primary Download Locations==
==Primary Download Locations==
* Installation packages for Windows, macOS, a Linux AppImage and the source code are available here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/scribus/files/scribus-devel/1.5.6/
* Installation packages for Windows, macOS, a Linux AppImage and the source code are available here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/scribus/files/scribus-devel/
* Packaging for the various Linux distributions, as well as other platforms is beyond our influence. We recommend updating the respective repository data on a regular basis.
* Packaging for the various Linux distributions, as well as other platforms is beyond our influence. We recommend updating the respective repository data on a regular basis.
* Windows Portable App: http://portableapps.com/apps/office/scribus_portable#test
* Windows Portable App: http://portableapps.com/apps/office/scribus_portable#test

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The Scribus Team is pleased to announce the release of version The release was delayed due to the current pandemic, but we finally got there. This is a major release on our way to 1.6.0, even though most changes have taken place "under the hood". Apart from a few remaining fringe issues, this release has been thoroughly tested and is considered to be stable. However, there are also a lot of new features.

Please note that while some bugfixes still may be backported to the 1.4.x branch, we do not plan an official release of this version anymore. If you think you need the changes, you have to check out the SVN repository and build 1.4.9svn from source. fixes a spell checker crash but is otherwise the same as 1.5.6

Most important changes

User Interface

  • One of the most important changes compared to earlier versions is the introduction of a context-sensitive Content Palette. If set to visible, it will adjust to the kind of item (text frame, image frame, table, group) you have selected.
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Click enables selecting items below guides.
  • A new PDF-based output preview is now available.
  • Support for dark UI themes has been improved.
  • Icon set can now be changed without needing to restart application
  • It's now possible to "cycle" through the items in a group by pressing Alt+Ctrl/Cmd+Click


  • Support for PDF 1.6 export, including embedded OpenType fonts.
  • A Markdown import filter has been added.
  • Improvements to the IDML, PDF, XTG and KRA importers.

Text and Typography

  • Launching Scribus via the Command Line on any OS will now reveal more font-related problems; based on fontconfig 3.14.


  • Default black and white colors can now alternatively be defined in RGB and LAB.


  • With the exception of the Windows platform, Scribus can now use a PDF-based and newly written printing engine. PostScript is still available, but will be removed over time.

Technical/OS-related Updates

  • macOS: Scribus 1.5.6 is certified to be installed and run on current versions of macOS. If you want to use Scribus on a computer with the latest version of macOS, 1.5.6 is the required version. For those that use the Scripter functionality, our default DMG download of Scribus on macOS uses Python 2.x installed with the operating system. We have an experimental release that allows the use of Python3 if the user has XCode installed.


  • On platforms other than macOS, Scribus now uses Python 3 by default. As a consequence, existing scripts will likely need to be modified so that they run in Scribus 1.5.6.
  • Many new commands have been added to the Scripter; others have been renamed to be more intuitive. For more information, please have a look at the Scripter documentation, which has also been updated to reflect the changes.

The complete changelog is available here: https://bugs.scribus.net/changelog_page.php?version_id=110

Primary Download Locations

Download Verification

Description File Name Sha256sum Sha1sum
Source scribus- d4257695539cfa40dead8abdaf04c51e34d4d74bcad5a2c934d08e6e9d43b7ab efabca7c478f1f52e4e7bf9bbc1444e905ebf8cd
Source scribus- c0fbac24902599e6be3ef5ac6d3001978b667320340417648da174343233f331 80ef8e187299594c0dbc9ea0ed56bad3f4912623
OS X 10.14 or higher, Intel x64 scribus- 5a79350884a405e223789bc65038d7c40f41c97bf352e8da0d96a9444a0bddd5 4a25c210fd246a2062f1d10b2938f92e7353f655
*Experimental* OS X 10.15 or higher, Intel x64, XCode required for Python3 scribus-
Windows 32/64 Bit scribus- dea4660ee5042170db4b5249e1548c3e344f2d1b38c8d8b1add7852584bddc72 df35481869726b575debf55ef688d1b3b347d500
Windows 64 Bit scribus- aeef03ef04ec93da6be790bc3e3495df14c266b1a53790286fcc38263f83f0a9 ec6b1be9a31f250829d6f9beab8a40bbd1c840b7
Linux 64 bit AppImage [1] scribus- 62738eb0234686975f23040b64366315908883b2b6e8752e1f02965f8c483660 83dc7db985ece2ac7757ce7930bf06713dd65d9e
Windows PortableApps.com Format ScribusPortable_1.5.6.1.paf.exe


The Scribus Team would like to thank Anduin.net and Modirum for their continued hosting of all of the Scribus websites.

We are grateful to the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie for sponsoring.

The Scribus Team is also honored to have Resene Colours (New Zealand), dtp studio Oldenburg (Germany), Scientific Illustration Services Corp. (USA), the Newspaper Association of America (USA), Software Consulting Services (USA), freieFarbe e.V. (Germany), bauwerk Kommunikationsdesign (Germany) as Special Supporters and donors of color palettes and other content since the 1.4.x release, just like we are grateful to the owner of Vector Portal for the permission to distribute some of his work as Scribus Templates.

Finally, the Scribus Team would like to thank the many end users, translators, testers and contributors who helped us with this release.