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==[[Scribus Success Stories]]==
==[[Scribus Success Stories]]==

==[[Scribus HowTos and Tutorials]]==
==[[Scribus HOWTOS and Tutorials]]==

==[[Scribus and Printing]]==
==[[Scribus and Printing]]==

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Welcome to the revamped version of the Scribus Wiki. Scribus is an Open Source DTP (Desktop Publishing) application for Linux and other flavors of Unix and Unix-like systems, including Mac OS X, as well as OS/2 and eComStation respectively, and Windows 2000 or later. The purpose of this Wiki is to enable users to share their knowledge about Scribus, Desktop Publishing, printing and related topics with others, be it in the form of HOWTOs, tips or sample scripts, among others, as well as on using or enhancing Scribus.

Due to unfixable technical issues with the original Wiki, we needed to relaunch it under this new address. We plan to transfer all articles that are still relevant to this new version. Moreover, we want to keep the layout, in true Wiki fashion, as simple and accessible as possible, because an overly complex layout contributed to the decline of the previous Wiki. If you want to contribute, please keep this in mind.


Scribus Release Notes

Scribus Scripts

Scribus Success Stories

Scribus HOWTOS and Tutorials

Scribus and Printing

PDF Forms

File Import and Export

Colour Management

Scribus Developement

Building Scribus from Source